Working Out for Money: A Little Extrinsic Motivation Goes a Long Way

I am 100% positive that I am not the only bride that feels a slight bit of pressure to look my best, drop a few pounds and tone up in time for the big day. I am also pretty sure that having the image of your body in a white dress, walking down an aisle in front of dozens of people is enough to get you doing burpees in your sleep. BUT, if that motivation isn’t coming so easily, maybe a little extrinsic motivation could help.

I was perusing Pinterest the other day as I quite often do for recipes, clothes and of course, wedding ideas. I came across a jar labeled Workout Tips. The idea behind it is simple – reward yourself with one dollar for every workout you complete. Once you reach your goal or a certain number of workouts, give yourself a big payout with a massage, new outfit or something else you desire. This got me thinking. What would I really love and what would really motivate me extrinsically?

Well, with a wedding comes a honeymoon, right? And I LOVE traveling. In fact, I have used a flip phone on an extremely cheap plan for the past 4 years, because I would rather put my money towards plane tickets than technology or phone bills. So what better way to reward myself than to workout for honeymoon spending money?


Graeme and I haven’t decided where we want to go yet for our honeymoon but we’ve been considering Greece, Hawaii or some South Pacific vacation spot if we can ever afford it. Either way, I’ll be in a bikini, so I will do my darnedest to fill this jar to its brim. It’s been 10 days so far, and there’s a whopping nine dollars in that jar. I know it won’t come close to paying for our honeymoon but it will provide us with a fun day trip or a great night out!


You could also consider paying yourself for every pound you lose and buying something nice once you reach your goal weight. Maybe it would be best to give yourself a little more than $1 per pound. Try $5 since we all know that those pounds take a hard fight to shed.

Whatever it is that you use to get your butt in gear, I would love to hear it! I’d also love to hear honeymoon suggestions…so send ’em on over!


5 responses to “Working Out for Money: A Little Extrinsic Motivation Goes a Long Way

  1. such a great idea and what a wonderful thing to be saving for!! I think I’ll start doing this to save up for some new workout clothes! Congratulations again, Bailey!

  2. Hawaii is FANTASTIC! If you do go I highly suggest Kauai, it’s my favourite island. I’m currently training for my first 5k and so far that seems to be all the motivation I need, but if my motivation starts to slip I will definitely be trying this jar out. Thanks for sharing!

    • Awesome! Thanks for the tip! I just did my first 5K in October and it was so satisfying to finish. I’m hoping to do a 10K next but I really need to get training haha I’m not much of a runner… Good luck with your race, Sam 🙂

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