November Resolutions for a Healthy Bod

I recently started working from home which is surprisingly quite an adjustment on the health-front. I used to be at my desk by 7:30AM every day. I would sit there and work until about 1:30PM and then walk myself down to the cafeteria to eat my lunch for 30 minutes. Usually my lunch consisted of a salad with some protein, a soup, chili or some other leftovers from the night before. I rarely purchased anything from the cafeteria menu since I didn’t feel like it was quite the best option for me. (…Although they did have some great breakfast cookies which were my guilty pleasure on those days when you just need something sweet). Then around 4:00PM I would shut down my computer and head home for the evening. I’d have a snack when I got home, workout around 4-5 times per week and have dinner around 6:30.  Bed time was 10:30PM sharp to ensure I got exactly 8 hours. Thinking back to it, I sounded a lot like a senior citizen or army sergeant by the way my schedule ran!

Now, with the transition of working at home, I’m realizing that my routine is completely out of whack! With the ability to always do work whatever time of day it is, it’s really throwing me for a loop…. I have this horrible tendency (at least I have for the past 2 weeks) to blow off a workout, telling myself “I’ll get to it later on”. Truth is, I don’t! And then what? I realize at 10PM that I haven’t worked out so I give myself the infamous “tomorrow” excuse. On top of that, I’m not planning my meals like I used to. I know that I can get whatever I need, whenever I need it since it’s right downstairs. By the time I get around to eating though, I just grab the easiest thing which happens to be some toast with PB and J and a piece of fruit. What about all those veggies I used to eat? uh oh….

So I’ve had it…. it’s only been two weeks of that nonsense but I’m going to nip it in the bud. RIGHT NOW.

I used to hate going to the gym because after a long day at work, I just wanted to be home. Home workouts were my best friend. Now, with my average day taking a 180, I’ve realized I need to get OUT of the house… Goodlife, here I come!

Just to keep me accountable, I’ve devised a week-long schedule and I’m counting on you and my modest amount of self-discipline to stay on track. Here goes nothing….!

MondayBody Combat at the gym or do home workout video like Jillian Michael‘s Killer Buns and Thighs or BodyRockTV (45-60 minutes minutes)

TuesdayRPM (spinning class at the gym) for 60 minutes

Wednesday -Body break!

ThursdayBody Attack, followed by CX Worx (intense cardio class for 30 minutes and a core workout for another 30 minutes at the gym)

Friday-Yoga/Stretching workout at home (45 minutes)

Saturday/Sunday– Graeme and I workout together on weekends but it seems like they have been a hit or miss with us lately. We typically do RUSHFIT  or P90X‘s Ab Ripper X on one day. Occasionally, we venture outside for a run if we’re feeling adventurous.

Fitness is only one piece of the puzzle though. You won’t be able to see any of those hard-earned muscles without..wait for it….. the proper nutrition. Dun Dun Dunnn…

Let me introduce you to my favourite, handy-dandy tool, MyFitnessPal. This website ROCKS, and that’s all there is to it! There’s so many awesome things to tell you but I don’t even know where to start…. ok, maybe a list will do the trick? Here’s what MFP has to offer: 

1) Make goals for yourself: Do you want to lose weight? Gain weight? How many times per week do you want to work out? When you enter in your goals, height, gender, current weight and target weight, MFP will tell you how many calories per day you need to eat and how many calories per week you need to burn through your workouts.

2) Track your daily food-intake: Enter in what you ate that day and find nearly everything and anything you can think of in their massive database. The nutrition information is readily available and is automatically uploaded into your scorecard so you can see what areas you are lacking in and where you’re doing well.

3) Track your stats: Watch how much weight you are losing (0r gaining) and find out your BMI and BMR (basal metobolic rate). It’s interesting stuff to know!

4) Convenience: use your phone to scan foods which can automatically be uploaded to your daily food intake. EASY, PEASY!

Most importantly, it helps you to stay accountable while teaching you the facts about nutrition. You may have thought that that Tim Hortons muffin was low-cal, but this tool will give you a nice reality check and help you to find better options in the future.

I honestly can’t stress enough how much I love using MyFitnessPal. It’s such a great place to keep things straight for both fitness and nutrition so that I can actually reach my goals.

Say sayonara to the “tomorrow” excuse! I’m ready and raring to go. Who’s with me?!


3 responses to “November Resolutions for a Healthy Bod

  1. Me!! Me!! My parents have been away on vacation for the past week and a half, and so I’ve had a lot more control over what food comes into our house (and more specifically what food DOESN’T come into our house). Now that they’re back, I needed a post like this to help keep my head in the game!! Good on ya for setting the goal, I’m with you all the way!!

  2. Awesome! We’re in it together Sare Bear! I totally get the whole “controlling what comes into the house”. If it’s there it’s sooo much harder to resist temptation, but if you’re the one making the healthy decisions at the grocery store, it’s easier to keep things in check.
    I love your pic, by the way. I did Attack yesterday and it was AMAZING!!! Love that class!

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