Dear Mo Bros & Mo Sistas: I Salute You.

There is a special place in my heart for the men of the world that have laid down their razors in favour of some fur on their upper lip. These men are my heroes for they support a cause very near and dear to my heart; Movember.

Movember is a month of handle bars and pencil staches. It is a time that men become Tom Selleck, Charlie Chaplin and Super Mario all for the betterment of their fathers, brothers and friends because most importantly, November is a month to focus on men’s health.

Men’s health involves an array of issues such as lung cancer, mental illness, testicular cancer, diabetes and prostate cancer. While all of these are extremely important issues and highly preventable, it is raising awareness about prostate cancer that really makes my heart skip a beat.

The truth is, prostate cancer is a very curable cancer but only if it is caught in the early stages. My dad has been dealing with prostate cancer for the past 5 years and it is because of campaigns like Movember that he was fortunate enough to find the cancer early on. It is also thanks to the Movember fundraiser that doctors have the research and ability to provide the treatments he needs. I am forever grateful for the men that have spread the word of Movember so rapidly, worldwide.

See that Mo Bro on the left with the glasses? That’s my dad with his infamous Mo (and it’s 100% real). People actually aspire to Mo like my dad. He’s a legend, and someone I love dearly.


For all the women out there whom have allowed their men to grow a fierce stache for an entire month, I commend you. You are a selfless heroine, and I am honoured to call you my Mo Sista. For you, I have created a healthy recipe to share with your fellow Mo Friends. It is called Gluten-Free Baked Apples with Apricots and Raisins.

Now, if you are looking to support Movember but have been unable to pin down a well-deserving chap, I will make a suggestion. My boyfriend Graeme, has ever so graciously donated his face to Movember and has very eagerly grown quite a dirty, yet fierce Mo. On top of that, he has promised to post a personal thank you shout-out with a photo for any donations of $20 or more. His most recent salutation is below.

Yes, this is actually Graeme.


You can donate to him or our team (being him and I), but I will admit, my stache was Photoshopped (thank God!). Please visit our team page here.

Your dedicated Mo Sista.

And for all of you men out there, PLEASE take some advice from your caring Mo Sista: Book a check-up with your doctor as soon as you’ve shaved that caterpillar off your lip. Quit smoking and if you don’t smoke, keep it that way. Watch your weight. Get to know your family’s health history. BE ACTIVE. Keep your stress level down (laugh a little)! And get your z’s.

It’s really not rocket science. Just be health-conscious and think about everyone that loves you because all they want is to love you that much longer.

Alrighty now, Mo on!

Love, Bailey


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