San Diego’s Jewel of a Restaurant: Herringbone

Walking downtown La Jolla, CA you would never know that the unexciting, sand-coloured plaster building at 7837 Herschel Avenue houses an unbelievable restaurant. It is a genuine jewel of San Diego, and perhaps that is why they can get away with the barely -there restaurant sign. People just know that Herringbone is that good.

One afternoon my uncle and I took a lunch break together and he insisted that I experience Herringbone’s unbelievable menu and atmosphere. Right off the bat I was sold -they had real trees inside the place! They even had a massive window that spanned the entire width of the restaurant so guests can watch the magic unfold in the kitchen as they enjoy the delicious fare.

Most importantly though (of course) was their menu. There were quite a few seafood choices on the lunch line-up, however I have a shell-fish allergy so those were all off the table. It didn’t matter since there were a ton of other awesome options. We decided to split a couple items so that we could enjoy more of their spectacular lunch menu.

First up, Albacore and Avocado Burger with greens, tomato and mayo. Boy, did that hit the spot!

And something a bit more indulgent? Herringbone’s Wild Mushroom, Treviso, and Taleggio Crust. It was quite large though so there was no way we could finish it all. Three cheers for doggie bags!

If you’ve had the pleasure of dining at Herringbone and have any recommendations for either of their lunch, brunch or dinner menus, I would love to hear them!  


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