I’ll have a little Cupcake with my Wine, please: Sweet Revenge Cupcakes

While I was working in Hong Kong, I would often escape to the library on my lunch break to bury my nose in the latest edition of Entrepreneur Magazine. So one day, while I was busy being a book worm, I came across a new cupcake bakery called “Sweet Revenge”. But what really caught my eye about this “bakery” was the fact that it really didn’t operate like one of those cute-sie bakeries. Rather, it was more like a bar, pairing their sweet desserts with wine and cocktails. Say no more!

A year later, Graeme and I wound up in New York City and first on my list was Sweet Revenge. Located in my favourite neighborhood of NY, Greenwich Village, we found the small restaurant and sat down for a couple cupcakes to share. Unfortunately (and I still regret this), we did not have a drink because we figured it was the middle of the day and we didn’t want to risk getting a bit too tired for the rest of our travel plans…but next time, I promise!  We also had a glimpse of Marlo Scott, the owner and pure genius behind the Sweet Revenge concept. I was too shy to approach her and let her know how great her idea was (another regret), but in case you’re interested in her story you can check it out here.

I wish I had tasted them all, but we only had room for two so Crimson & Cream and their signature, Sweet Revenge were the lucky cupcakes we sampled…. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. 

On that note, I would love to hear of your favourite cupcake store or if you’ve been lucky enough to check out Sweet Revenge!

Happy indulging!



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