Why So Serious? Candles that will make you laugh!

We shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously because it really isn’t good for our health.  A good laugh is sometimes all we need though and it’s not so hard to come by either. Laughing does so many things for our bodies like lower stress hormones, prevent heart disease, relax muscles and boost immunity. It also improves our mood and adds joy to life. Case in point, we need to laugh more! 

A few years ago, while visiting my family in Portland, Oregon, I caught a whiff of something delectable in the guest room. There beside me was a deliciously sweet smelling candle. I was hooked. So what’s so funny about that?  The people at A Scent of Scandal  are professionals at coming up with witty names for all kinds of interesting scents. Here are a few examples:

“D-Cups” –melons

“Hot Mama” –Sugar & Spice

“Ball and Chain” –Wedding Cake

“8 inches” –bananas

“DILF” –shaving cream

“Knocked up” –Baby powder

And my personal favourite, “Crazy Bitch” which smells like fruit loops!

I have a ton of these candles and have given away quite a few as gifts.  You should check them out too at www.ascentofscandal.com.They’ll put a smile on your face, guaranteed!


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