The Sunscreen Speech: Eat, Sleep, Breathe it (& Frame it!)

I suppose I should start off my blog with the big picture… living a balanced life! There are oh so many topics to delve into so I’m going to start off my first post with words of wisdom from the journalist, Mary Schmich. Ms. Schmich wrote a “Graduation Speech” for the Chicago Tribune in 1997. People went haywire for her concise collection of life advice, duly noting that none of it really had “any basis more reliable than [Mary’s] own meandering experience”.  She covered all facets of life from love to hair, travel to self-esteem and of course, sunscreen.  If you have never heard film director, Baz Luhrmann’s version of the speech, I strongly urge you to have a listen.

This speech is the inspiration behind “One Tip For The Future”. Essentially, I hope to provide one tip for the future through my own journey to find a healthy balance in my life.

I first heard Luhrmann’s version of the speech when I was 12 years old and I never forgot it. A few years ago I made myself a frame of the advice and placed it in my room to reference every now and then. I’ve also made a few for my friends. To create your own, it really is quite simple. And of course, you can frame your own mantra, words to live by, inspiration, etc. I’d love to hear what inspiration you live your life by!

You will need:

Photo frame (I used an 8×10”)

Scrapbook paper of whatever colour/pattern that floats your boat

Thin tip felt marker

Magazines to cut out key words to highlight in your text

The passage you want to copy out


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